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The International Inner Wheel, with over 108,000 members in more than 100 countries, is one of the largest voluntary women's service organizations in the world.

The Inner Wheel was founded in England in 1924 as an association formed by the wives of Rotarians. The very name "Wheel in the Wheel" reflects how the two organizations share the same ideals of service, but while Rotary was born as an association of professionals who are committed to social work, the Inner Wheel was born as an aggregation of women with a vocation for voluntary service in different fields.

Over the years, the physiognomy of the "Inner Wheel" member has changed: at the beginning, she is a woman who, besides taking care of her family, cultivates her willingness to commit herself in the social, charitable, cultural, educational and health fields. Today the Inner Wheel is made up of professionals who choose to work in different areas bringing support to the weaker segments of the population, working for the protection of health, environment, artistic heritage, etc., especially in the area where the Club is located.

The International Inner Wheel has more than 4,000 clubs in the world. 238 clubs in Italy are grouped into 6 districts, according to a geographical division, which together form the National Council.

District 204 includes 43 Clubs distributed in Liguria, Piedmont, part of Lombardy, part of Emilia and Romagna and has about 1,200 members.

The Association is based on the Statute and Regulations that allow each of the approximately 100 countries where Inner Wheel is present to take into account the customs of the different nations.

In the Statute are listed the 3 aims of Inner Wheel, which summarize the spirit that animates the members: to promote true friendship, to encourage the ideals of individual service, to promote international understanding.

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