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CIF Italian Women Center

The Italian Women's Center is an association of women, non-profit, established pursuant to Art. 36 et seq. of the Civil Code. It operates in the civil, social and cultural field in order to contribute to the construction of a solidarity democracy and a coexistence based on the respect of human rights and dignity of the person according to the spirit and Christian principles, the Constitution and the Italian laws, the norms of the community and international law. The CIF is an autonomous subject with respect to political parties and any other movement, and assumes the values of democracy in its structures and actions. The CIF carries out actions of presence and participation in every social and institutional sphere and establishes relationships of collaboration with institutions, bodies and associations, both public and private, for the pursuit of the associative purposes.

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CIF Italian Women Center


CIF, has chosen to deal with the "digital divide" that, even according to European data, places our country among those with the lowest percentages of network connection.

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CIF, ha scelto di occuparsi del “digital divide” che, anche secondo i dati europei, colloca il nostro Paese tra quelli con le percentuali più basse di collegamento in rete.
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