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Portrait of a Woman

Born from an idea of Giada Andriolo and Paola Furini, lawyers and members of ADGI Milan, Portrait of a Woman is a ductile work by several hands, which came to life in 2021 thanks to the acceptance of the project by the Commission Gender Gap Adgi Milan under the supervision of the Sectional Director of Women Lawyers Association Italy.

Inspiration are the passion for the Arts and, at the same time, for the Protection and Promotion of Human Rights and therefore of Women's Rights. Just as art is the harmonious combination of painting, sculpture and literature, in order to understand the Woman we want to try to know every nuance: thought, emotions, intellect, appearance and senses and how these elements have influenced their lives and, even more, ours. This adventure wants to lead us to the discovery of Women of all times, who have passed or are passing (or will pass) the baton for a revolution that today is beginning to see 1 tangible results, in the acquisition of rights often denied. Each Portrait is a universal cultural salon, thanks also to the important partnerships that take place, to pay homage to our mothers and be a source of reflection and inspiration for us and for future generations.

On this drive and ductility Ritratto di Donna will support philanthropic and charity projects, so that law, art and culture will concretely lend their work to the service of Others.

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