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"Artificial Intelligence: what it is and why it affects us all!"

Wednesday, April 20, 2022 at 17:30

AIDDA Lombardia On-line meeting

On April 20th at 5.30 pm you are all invited to attend the online meeting Artificial Intelligence: what it is and why it affects us all!

Roberta Russo, Cloud Business Manager for Southern Europe in HPE, will explain what Artificial Intelligence is and how it works, what social implications it entails, what proposals there are to regulate its use and examples of applications, such as predictive and prescriptive maintenance, control of manufacturing defects.

Letizia Olivari, AIDDA Lombardy Member, will continue to briefly illustrate how Artificial Intelligence is used in relationships with customers, not only with the use of chatbots for automated responses but also to better organize the internal work of marketing, sales and customer service departments.

At the end there will be space for your questions, if you already have some please start sending them to the email delegazionelombardia@aidda.org so the speakers can answer them during their interventions.

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