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Digital Education

In order to achieve true digitization of women's worlds, we need to start from the foundation and then build the foundation, through what we call "digital education".

Digital education means knowing, experimenting and touching the tools and opportunities that digital offers us.

For this reason, we have collected some free courses with the most disparate contents but which have one thing in common: putting into practice immediately what has been learned.

The content, videos and tutorials, are constantly updated and implemented to offer news, moments of updating and deepening.

A new section dedicated to training curated by Lyve.

Online courses and webinars structured in stages, in which women, their opinions and proposals are always put at the center..

The main issues that will be addressed will be:
. digital awareness
. relationship between women and finance


On the one hand the creation of a new digital responsibility, on the other hand the evolution of a role that sees the woman as an active protagonist in the management of assets

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