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The Secretary General Marco Accornero: "We concretize the request of the Consulta Femminile of Milan. We stand by the women who want to reinvent themselves by enhancing their skills."

"From Hobbyist to Microenterprise". Unione Artigiani Milano Monza-Brianza opens from Monday, March 8 a new pink desk and all-female, dedicated to women who want to transform their passions and skills in a small but solid and "official" company.

"The service will be provided directly by our experts who will welcome aspiring women entrepreneurs in a path of accompaniment that, step by step, will lead them to the opening of the VAT number and the consolidation of the business, thanks to our 75 years of experience in craftsmanship," explains Marco Accornero, Secretary General of Unione Artigiani. "With this initiative we immediately respond to a need expressed to us by the Women's Council of Milan. Many women with artisan skills of all kinds, often extraordinary, are aiming for a leap in quality but do not know where to start. They are often people who have been expelled from the job market and need to reinvent themselves, or women who want to make their dreams come true. Here with us they will find first of all a point of listening and advice that will answer, even with private remote meetings, to all their questions, will help them to put the idea on the ground, to overcome bureaucratic and training problems, to obtain subsidized funding and tailored contributions and a structure that will remain at their side for every need. In addition, we offer support for e-commerce and digital promotion. This is the activity we do every day for our associates, in this case with special attention to women starting from scratch." "We know," concludes Accornero, "that we are going to encounter a very difficult period in terms of employment for women. This service will be able to give the right push, we are convinced of that."

For information and appointments will be active from Monday, March 8, the toll-free number: 800 132371.

"The proposal of Unione Artigiani comes at the right time and in the right place to a representation of women strongly interested in the development of a happy intuition. The Consulta Femminile of Milan - comments the president Laura Caradonna - together with Moica (Italian Housewives Movement) appreciate and enthusiastically accept the initiative of a dedicated desk, with trained people able to help these women to translate the dream into reality. Therefore, a March 8th with concrete proposals that will allow many women to take flight: that is, to take the big step to create a small business on their own or together with others, with the support of an organization that has the culture and experience of the great Italian craft tradition that knows how to look to the future".

And just on March 8 at 5 p.m., on the Facebook page of Unione Artigiani, is set a first live for the presentation of the service with the participation of hobbyists who have become artisan entrepreneurs and is preparing a full schedule of free training webinars.



On March 19 at 3 pm, there will also be a new digital event promoted by the Consulta Femminile dedicated to these themes, as part of the Milano Digital Week. The title is already a working program: "Weavers of dreams: female craftsmanship and digital marketing, a concrete example of the social economy of the new millennium".


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